Friday, February 5, 2010

No. 3: Purses

I am all about accessories and the perfect handbag is a gift from heaven. I do not have a preference for brands like I do with shoes when it comes to purses because even bargain bins and flea markets can bring great finds in this department. I consider purses to be one of my addiction's because I have 31 different bags and the number just keeps on growing bigger.

I have all colours and all kinds of bags including: tote bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, handbags, beach bags, small, medium and large. They come in metallic, pleather (fake leather), and canvas with stitch details, zippers, adjustable and removable straps and yes, an assortment of brand name, logo's blazin' type bags to go with my shoes.

My most prized purse possession, however, is definitely my glory upon holiness that is Louis Vuitton. Yes, I own a real Louis. I was at a Goodwill one day scoping out the vinyl when what caught my eye? The brown and tan beauty that I now own. I was skeptical at first, and then I picked it up and checked for the tell-tale signs of a knock off. Guess what? There were none. It had all the tell-tale signs of a real, absolute real, Louis Vuitton handbag. I almost died. I took that beauty to the counter paid my five dollars and ran before anyone there noticed what kind of steal was lying in the store. This is why I said earlier that bargains can be found anywhere. I got a $3,000 purse for $5. I live for this stuff!
P.S. I have the third bag labelled in this photo.


  1. Becky, I am with you on the purse-addiction. Can I tell you, I have one of those large tote containers in my closet and it's full of purses. I'm quite sure that I don't even know what I have in there anymore. I'll tend to buy a purse every month or two. I use the excuse that if it gets dirty and I don't think I can wash it...time for a new one!

  2. Well done with your find. I must admit, bags are a bit of a weakness for me too. The Goodwill however is a great place to fill this addiction. Yeah for bargain shopping.

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS... You know graduations coming up soon Becky and I know a certain someone that would LOVE that purse...