Friday, February 12, 2010

No. 4: Barbie

Looking back on my life, I cannot recall a time when I did not have a Barbie doll. I'm in my twenties now and still love Barbie. She is awesome. Without a doubt. She has everything from planes to cars to RVs and has had every career possible with the most mind-blowing wardrobe of anyone. Ever.

I still have most of my dolls from childhood. Sitting in my mom's basement are three Rubbermaid containers full of Barbie everything. One contains just the dolls, out of the box, just over 50 of them; one contains clothing and accessories; and the other contains collectible dolls that are still in the box.

I am addicted to Barbie because she reminds me that I can do anything, be anyone, have the love of my life and still look fabulous. She has her own paint colour for crying out loud! And yes, Barbie pink is my favourite colour.

And for those that are wondering or are already secretly snickering, there is a Becky Barbie out
there. She is a Paralympic athlete and is confined to a wheelchair. I wish I had her in my collection. I guess I'll be on Ebay for the next few hours...


  1. I had the pink Barbie RV and I loved it! My friends and I would plan all kinds of trips in it. Unfortunately, it got passed down to cousins and then lost forever. But I have such great memories. Barbie as adventurer!

  2. I just read on that Barbie's new career will be computer engineer. You go Barbie!

  3. I saw this and thought of you!

  4. Becky, I used to cut my Barbie's hair off and give them the shortest G.I. Joe crew cut out of it! I also used to keep the hair in a bag until one day my mom discovered it behind a chalkboard in the basement. Anyways... I love Barbies! Great post and great topic too. Fantistico. Speaking of which thank you again for my Barbie Princess Valentine, it made my day.

  5. YES!!!! The Becky Barbie. This made my day! If only she was Canadian... lol