Friday, March 26, 2010

No.10: Checkered Pattern

I'm not sure how it started but since my mid-teens I have been addicted to anything checkered. I have and have had multiple pairs of the Vans classic slip-ons in the check pattern, checkered purses, scarves, socks, flip-flops, keychains, earrings, wrist cuffs, backpack, photo frames, lamp shades, vases, area rugs etc. You name it, I probably have it.

I tend to be more inclined for the black and white check but have black and other colours as well. Anytime I'm out, anywhere, that awesomeness always catches my eye. Then I have to buy whatever it is. As long as it has the checkered pattern on it, I will risk going over budget and claiming that item for myself.

On any given day you will find something checkered on me. I'm not kidding, take a look at the picture of my front entrance before I was forced to get another shoe rack by my old roommate...

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